Sommer 2020

Die Sommer High Seas High School 2020 fand trotz Corona statt!
Am Morgen des 18. Juli 2020 hat unser Schiff – die »Seute Deern« – den Harburger Hafen Richtung Ostsee verlassen.

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Our Crew 2021

Neben der Stamm-Crew – acht Seeleuten des Vereins »Clipper DJS«, die sich mit Schiff und Segelrevier bestens auskennen – waren zwei pädagogische Betreuerinnen und 16 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus ganz Deutschland an Bord. Nachfolgend stellen wir uns vor – in unserer Bordsprache »Englisch«:

I’m currently fourteen years old and come from a small town located in northern Bavaria. I am interested in athletics as well as archery and videogames. Im in C-Guard and therefore amongst the ones in charge of the front sails. I generally enjoy steering the ship and getting the frontal sails down, as you have to climb onto the net in the ships front, just a little bit above the sea.

I am 13 years old and I am from Munich. I love music, singing and playing the trumpet and the piano. I am in the school orchestra and in a musical choir. I am in 8th grade on a musical gymnasium in Munich. I like traveling and have been to a lot of countries. I also love books and my favourite book series is Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordian.

On the ship I am in guard C, which means that my station is the front sails. When it is my guards turn to take care of the ship, my favourite job is watching out for other ships.

My name is Nina, I am 13 years old and was born on the 2nd of August in 2006. I am in group-B, with Teemke, Philipp, Oskar and Alrik. Every six hours we are on the watch for three or four hours like every other group. My favourite place at the watch is the look out and I enjoy to document the weather. My group and me are with Manfred and Julia at the Big sail, they call them the seniorsail on the ship, because it’s the easiest sail. Now, in the first week, I have to help in the kitchen on Thursday with Alrik and next week on Friday with Alex.

I’m living in Loerrach, it’s a little town in Baden-Würtemberg. It is  home for fourteen years, I live there with my parents and my brother. Right now my brother isn’t at home, because he studies in Gießen. After my two rabbits died, we don’t have pets anymore. During the week I’m playing Tennis on   Tuesday and I’m doing athletics on Monday and Friday.

Hello my name is Annalena, I am 14 years old and I am from Berlin. I really like swimming and adventures, so a ship is perfect for me. Here, at the Summer High Seas High School I’m in watch-A with Tjede, Kasimir, Salomon and Frederic. We are also called the „flexiblen Kängurus“ because we once played „Halt mal kurz“ at anchor watch. I love how close we already are and how we already did so many things together like sailing manouvers, which went very well. My watch is responsible for the Besan sail which is also called the „Rentnersegel“. At my watch I like all of the positions, because everything is fun in its own way.

I’m Tjede, a 13-year old girl from the North Sea Coast. I have a little sister and some chicken, mice and a little bird as pets at home. I’m in watch A on the ship, so I have to control the Besan-sail. Sometimes we have to help in the kitchen, so we have to bake something like bread or cake, but the day after that we have to clean the toilets. That’s okay, ‚cause we always do both kind of jobs: the nice and the bad ones. I don’t have a favourite task, because sometimes there is a lot of wind and rain outside, so I just want to stay at the bridge, but sometimes the sun is shining, so jobs outside are a lot better.

My name is Alrik, I am 15 years old and was born on the 30th of September in 2004.
I am in the group B with Phillip, Magnus, Temke, Oskar, Julia and Manni. We look after the big sail and make sure that everything is fine. Every six hours we have to look after the ship for 3-4 hours.

In our watch we have to check the coordinates every thirty minutes and have to take care of  the anchor. My favourite task is to set the big sail.

My hobbies are Handball, Radball and Bow shooting. I live in Esslingen and I go to Middleschool. I have 15 chickens and two rabbits. My favourite food is potato salad with beef steak. This trip is not my first one, because I also did the Summer-HSHS last year.

My name is Frederic, I am 12 years old, but my birthday is during this trip. My tasks on the ship are sailing and sometimes helping the cook in the kitchen. When I sail, I am responsible for the back sail. I also volunter to help switching on (off) the engines

Genaral facts about me are: I live in Frankfurt and like cars/engines, the sports i do are rowing and playing tennis. I want to start Lacrose after the summe holidays.

My name is Karl. I am 15 years old and live in Bremen. My hobbies are playing soccer and driving with the Wakeboard. Wakeboarding is like snowboarding on water.

My task on the ship is being in the group C. The group C is responsible for the front sails. The front sails are the ‚Fock‘, ‚Innen-Klüver‘, ‚Außen-Klüver‘ and ‚Jager‘. My favorite position is the look out, because there you can talk to other people. I don’t like the position at the bridge because you only make one tracking and then you wait for 30 min and you can only talk with the sailing men.

I live in Berlin in the capital of germany in my little „self made“ room. Here I build me my favorite room but it didnt finish it yet. My other hobbies are drawing, skating, cutting, programming, photographie and of course sailing.

My tasks on the ship: I am working in watch A, where I’m responsible for the Besansail at the back of the ship, mostely on the „Dirk“ and the „Piekfall“ on Backboard.  I also like to work at the brigde because I like to steer or work with the seamaps.

My name is Lentje. I am 13 years old and from Bielefeld. I have a sister and a brother and two baby cats. My hobbies are gymnastics, playing soccer and playing the clarinett.We have a lot of tasks here. My favourite task on the ship is to steer the boat. I dont like it when it rains bacause it is cold and you get wet. SometimesI have to help in the kitchen but I like it. Occasionally you bake cakes or cookies. But you must clean the dishes, too. Thanks for reading my text.

It’s difficult to tell you my favourite task on the ship because every task is amazing. That’s why I want to introduce you to the tasks of the bridge. There you have to determine the temperature of air and water and also check the air pressure aswell as reading the coordinates of the ship and mark them on the chart. I like the task because it’s a lot of fun, it is always warm at the bridge and it is possible to have a conversation with the sailors. On land I like to meet friends, engage politically and do a lot of sports, I love to write and paint and listen to music. I am 15 years old.

My name is Oskar, I am 14 years old and I’m at the big sail placed in the middle of the ship. I’ts the heaviest one and we mostly need help from other Groups. Our officier is Manfred also called „Manni“. My favorite task is looking for the anchor in the night and documenting the weather. My favorite place is on the Bridge.

In my freetime I play videogames, go skating, play handball and go outside with my friends.

My name is Philipp, I am 14 years old and I’m in the group-B. Our tasks is to watch the big sail and to set it. We just need to watch the big sails and not the smaller sails. But the other groups need to help us because the big sail is the hardest to pull up.  We also go on watch at daytime and at night. We need to analyse the weather and we take the temperature of the water and the air. We also need to check the ship for fires. We have four tasks       while doing watch. We go on the look out and check if a ship or a buoy are in front of us or cross our way. Then the look out needs to warn the stearingman that an obstacle is comming. It’s very funny and it’s fun to talk with the others.

Hello I’m Salomon, 14 years old and I am working in watch A, where I’m responsible for the Besansail at the back of the ship. In my freetime I like to help the mechanic in the mashineroom to power on and off the auxilluary motor and the other agregates.
My favourite place on the ship is the pylontop or the (Klüvernetz) at my watch I like to work at the bridge because I like to steer and work with the seamaps. I like this work since Siggi has shown me how to enter coordinates. And at the end I want to say that my favorite watches are the night watches.

Hey, my name is Teemke and I’m 14 years old. I’m from Norden (in East frisia) and I like drawing, climbing, puzzling and reading books. My favorite task at the „Seute Deern“is to steer the ship and to stay on the right track. I’m so glad to be on board and live this three-week-adventure with all these nice people, which already became friends after just a few hours.


Die Crew

I have been working for High Seas High School for the last 2 years as an outdoor educator. What I love most about my job is seeing young kids grow and rise above themselves when being confronted with situations far off their „normal“ life: Being on narrow space with a group of people 24/7, not being able to walk away from conflicts, stress and difficulties, managing waves and waters which can be rough – and on top of it: learning how to sail a traditional sailing vessel. Spending time with kids who seem to have an endless amount of energy to learn when being given the chance to experience, inspires me!

When I am not working for HSHS, you will probably find me close to waters or the mountains, where I spend most of my free time swimming and hiking.

If you see an oversized yellow jacket on the ship and hear excited shouts, it’s probably me, Julia. At the age of 23, while finishing my studies as an English and Sports teacher, I felt the urge to go on another adventure, and so I found my way to „Summer High Seas High School“. I am taking care of the big sail with the B-guards. I love to see the youth grow and strive for their aims if they are given some responsibility. I enjoy to experience pedagogy and also teach the subject „luck“ (Glücksunterricht) at home. I currently live in Berlin and have been an ananimateur in a hotel in Fuerteventura before, so I bring some experience on the ship, „Seute Deern“, which means „decent girl“. It feels like a family to sail on the ship together with the crew and the teenagers.

Norbert is our captain. He has been a Sailor all his life. Until he got retired, he worked for the DGzRS (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger). For the past ten years, he has been with Clipper. He likes passing on the skills of traditional seamanship.



Fred is our ingenieur on board, called the chief. In this position he is responsible for our engines. Early in the morning, some already wake up by the sound of a starting engine. Then everybody knows: Fred is awake and started the generator for us to have electricity: During the night the generator is turned off and only some lights and the instruments on the brigde are equipped with power. So thanks to Fred, we have warm water, tea and coffee in the mornings!

He is not only responsible for the main engine, but for all pipes, pumps, machines, electricity and water systems. In short: All the facilities that keep the ship running.

Fred is 54 years old and has been volunteering for Clipper for the last six years. As a board member of the organisation Clipper DJS, he spends most of his weekends and free times with the Seute Deern and the organisation.

Klaus & Michaela
Klaus and Michaela are our chefs on board: Both have been with Clipper and the Seute Deern for many years! Everyday they bring delicious food on the table and fill our empty stomachs, even when the sea is a bit rough. And with our 5 birthdays on board during our trip, we get spoiled with cakes a lot!

Hi – my Name is Thees – I am on the SEUTE DEERN as Chief Mate
I just went 54  and live in the south of Hamburg
I work as a purchase manager in the IT department of a worldwide operating logistics service provider.
My two daughters are Jördis (20) and Jette (17).
I am sailing since I was 10 years old and spend a lot of my lifetime on old boats.
Currently I am mainly sailing a 130 years old Fishing Cutter called CATARINA.
I like traveling and spending time with my family.

My name is Manni, I am 68 years old and responsible for the big sail. After my retirement I found my way back to the love of my youth, to sailing. 2012 I went on my first sailing trip with Clipper with the ship ‚Albatros‘. I was so excited about it that I decided to stick with Clipper for the years to come. My favourite ship of Clipper is the ‚Seute Deern‘ where I take care of the ropes and charts. For me, sailing does not stop in winter as I spend lots of my time to furnace, stitch and work on the ship so that it can blossom while sailing.

What I enjoy most about ‚Summer High Seas High School‘ is to work with the kids, and this year is my second year as a basun in this programm. It is refreshing to see the teenagers on the ship, they bring a vivid atmosphere to every task they take on.

My name is Siegfried, I was born in Hamburgin 1949, studied in Göttingen and Tübingen and worked for seven years in Nienburg/Weser. After that, I worked for nearly 30 years in a small village about 50 km south of Bremen. In 2012, I retired and I am now living in Bremen.

I started sailing at the beginning of the seventies on very small boots (dinghies/ Jollen) and made my first licenses in the seventies. In 1976 I sailed on the Clipper sailing vessel ‚Amphitrite‘ for the first time as a crew member. In the year 2000, I made my licenses for sailing as a mate, and this my sixteenth sailing year on all Clipper vessels. I was member of the last four HSHS journies and I am looking forward to this one.

Rolf is our Boatswain (Bootsmann) and is responsible for the maintainance on deck of the ship. He works as a carpender. In his free time, Rolf has been with Clipper and the Seute Deern for the last 16 years and volunteers not only on the ship, but also during the winter when the ships are being prepared for the next saison.

His love for the community on board, new adventures during every trip and supporting the kids learning how to sail always brings him back to the Seute Deern.